Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Hoppy" Holidays ~

"Hoppy" Holidays to EveryBunny!!!

Yes ~ I'm at least a Month behind on Everything!! Don't you worry ~ I'll be completely caught up by Easter and possibly even by Valentine's Day!!

Santa brought me a new Computer, Printer and Scanner. I just had to try out the Scanner and so I scanned our Christmas Cards (above). I also had Portraits made of the girls and surprised Mr. Bunny with it on Christmas morning. It was really difficult keeping the Portrait a secret from him ~ especially since he usually helps me sends out our Christmas Cards each Year. AND ~ this Year I really could have used his help AND he even volunteered several times to help me............. However, it was ALL worth it to see the look on his face when he opened his present and saw their Portrait. The girls are 4 1/2 years apart and yet the youngest is now the tallest (5 ft 6 inches). They wear the same size clothes ~ which should be a good thing but it's just one more thing that they enjoy arguing about.

It was truly a miracle that my Computer didn't crash before Christmas. I was so busy and really didn't have time to deal with any Computer issues. I don't like change and almost cried when I said goodbye to my old Computer, Scanner, Printer, etc. ~ we've been through so much together.

Of course, now I'm having to learn the new Microsoft Office software and photo software plus how to work my Printer and Scanner, etc. but it's well worth it. If I could only get used to this fancy new keyboard..... I've never in my life made so many typos..... AND my "delete" key ~ which I use constantly ~ is four times the size of my old "delete" key and yet I can't ever find it~

We had a Fabulous Christmas and I'm finally refreshed from the busiest month of my entire life. Luckily ~ I survived with only two nervous breakdowns. I have already made the guest list for next Christmas and "stress" won't be invited........

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