Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bunny Buckets ~

I just received these Beautiful Fabric Bunny Buckets from Gina over at Henry and Zoe. Aren't they so adorable? I couldn't decide if I liked the blue or the white canvas background ~ so I just went ahead and ordered both of them.

This Bunny Bucket with the white background has pretty blue and white bows on each side. These Gorgeous Bunny Buckets are huge and they have so many uses ~ including being a truly unique Easter Basket. There are several fabric options available ~ just hop over here to order one from the HenryandZoe Etsy Store.

I'm in love with this shabby chic fabric and the lining is a green polka dot fabric~~ it's going to match our Master Bedroom perfectly!! Custom Embroidery with the word "bows" is also available ~ as well as other fabrics. These are a little smaller in size than the Bunny Buckets ~ but just as practical and pretty. Hop right here for one of these lovely buckets.

Gina at henryandzoe also made a Colored Pencil Roll for me using the same fabrics as the Blue Bunny Bucket. Hop right here for a Pencil Roll ~ which is also available in several different fabrics.

A picture of the inside of the Bunny Colored Pencil Roll ~ which holds 24 Colored Pencils. HenryandZoe have tons of gifts and products for babies and then HenryandZoeStudio have lots of unique items for artists ~ young & old.

I LOVE using unique containers to organize my stuff and it just doesn't get any better than bunnies and roses. Gina is super sweet and such a Fabulous and talented designer/seamstress.

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Michelle (Shell) May said...

Hello fellow bunny lover! Just found your blog and love it!
These bags are fabulous. Hop over and visit us sometime.
bunny hugs,