Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daughters of the American Revolution Luncheon

I attended the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Luncheon at the Country Club and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food and inspirational Program. The Philip Perry Chapter of the DAR presented the Medal of Honor to Col. Danny McKnight at the Luncheon. Then he spoke briefly about his involvement with Black Hawk Down, a little about Leadership and mostly about Patroitism.

Col. McKnight (pictured above) lives in the area and travels all over the Country and speaks to groups about Leadership.

War Movies are among my very least favorite and I never saw the Movie ~ Black Hawk Down but must admit to being intrigued. I might even watch the Movie to find out more about this Event in History.

When I was researching Black Hawk Down and Col. Danny McKnight ~ I saw that they actually made a Danny McKnight Doll. I'm not sure which one is Col. McKnight ~ but thought this was so amazing. Wonder if they're selling them over on Ebay.

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