Friday, August 22, 2008

What would Laura Ingalls Do?

Thankfully ~ the Storm named Fay has moved on and we didn't sustain any major damage. However, a Tree did knock out our TV Cable, Internet and Telephone ~ but we still had electricity for our A/C, Refrigerator, etc. I was having major withdrawals since I couldn't check my emails or surf the web and the little girl bunnies weren't happy either. We felt so isolated ~ we couldn't go online, watch TV or even talk on the telephone.

Then ~ the image of Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie popped into my head. What would Laura Ingalls do in this situation? Honestly, I never really enjoyed watching Little House on the Prairie. There was always so much Drama and their clothes were just too plain and colorless, but yes ~ there was always a "moral to the story". However, when they "made" Mary Ingalls go blind ~ that was "curtains" for me. I just don't like sad stories ~ even if they have a happy ending. I never watched "Lassie" for the same reason. So ~ we read, played games, baked some cookies ~ just like Laura Ingalls would have done under the same circumstances.

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