Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spot-less Saturday

We were so busy today ~ washing, scrubbing and polishing. I worked my Bunny tail off inside our little Cottage and Mr. Bunny detailed the cars AND pulled weeds outside. I've decided that nothing is more attractive than a man doing chores around the house. He even asked me to make a list of things for him to do ~ a "honey do list".

I finally finished ALL of the Laundry today ~ it was magic!! Yes, everything is washed, folded and even put away. Of course, I've been trying to get the laundry "caught up" for weeks now ~ but blogging is so much more fun.

Mr. Bunny is completely done with his list and I've only completed about 1/2 of the chores on my list. Maybe ~ if I'm lucky ~ he'll ask for another list in the morning. I still need to do the basics ~ Vacuum, Dust, Windex, etc. Then I need to go through my mountain of magazines ~ which I know are full of vital fashion information and timeless tips ~ like "Chic on the Cheap". My magazines would reach the roof if I stacked them all in one stack. I just need to say over and over..... less is more ~ less is more AND live the life you love ....(then you will)... love the life you live.

Don't you love these images? I found them while going through some Vintage magazines. I also found some gorgeous Cadillac ads ~ as well as a few Advertisements for Parker Pens.


Angie(quillysilly) said...

Sounds like some "bunny" has been a busy girl...sorry...I couldn't help myself! Mags are a lovely vice, so never apologize since you can always say it it "research!!" toodles...Angie

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Oh I so agree! nothing foxier than a hubby doing house work or being an awesome dad! Must be why we have so many kids.
Hugs Canela ;o)

Heidi Zawisza said...

Honey do lists are the BEST!! Or in your case...BUNNY do lists!!

PamperingBeki said...

What a great day!

Your pictures cracked me up. :)