Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award ~

I'm so thrilled and honored that Canela at Cinnamon Sticks Boutique selected me as a recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award. The terms of this lovely award are that I get to nominate 5 others to receive it and link them below. I have made my selection and these ladies don't need an introduction ~ they're all extremely talented and "Kreativ" is an understatement:

Anna Griffin ~ I've selected Anna even though she prefers Cats to Bunnies ?!?! However, her talent and creativity are unsurpassed. You can hop over here to see some of Anna's Fabulous products!!

Angelica Grace Designs ~ Angie's Blog is always one of the first Blogs that I visit each and every morning. She Loves God, her Family and her Friends with a passion and her Blog is always an inspiration to me.

Natasha Burns ~ It's no secret how much I LOVE everything about Natasha!!! She's one in a million!!! Her Blog and especially her artwork are priceless!!

Pampering Beki ~ Beki always finds the most Fabulous products and her Blog is another one on the "must read daily" list.

Scrappy Jessi ~ Jessi is such a "Doll" and extremely creative!! She is so full of life and you can just feel her energy when you read her Blog. This ole Bunny loves her to pieces and wish I was half as vivacious as she is.

Some of you have emailed me about my website ~
Bunny Chic Boutique. I'll be working on my website AND also be the National Account Executive for Fairy Tale Jewels. I'm looking forward to doing both simultaneously ~ if only my Bunny Brain can keep all of the passwords straight. For now, I've decided that sleep is extremely over rated. Of course ~ once my insomnia is cured I might retract that Statement. :)

I have always loved Bunny Fairies and now I am officially a Bunny Fairy ~

~Bunny Blessings and Fairy Wishes ~

~ Jayne ~


Scrappy Jessi said...

aaahhh thanks doll. this a really cute award.
i will post tomorrow,

Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Oh are such a sweetheart. Thanks so very much. You made my night. Ha ha! :) I really appreciate your kind words and can't thank you enough. You da' best! :)
Much love, Angie

PamperingBeki said...

Ohhh Jayne, thank you SO much!! You are such a sweetheart!! (Wait, I think Angie just said the same thing. Oh well, must be true.)

I'm super excited that you thought of me. You just made my day. I'm in wonderful company on your list. (and the sign below from Natasha is gorgeous!)

Natasha Burns said...

Oh thank you so much Jayne, you're such a sweetie!!! xo said...

That is a wonderfully cute bunny!