Saturday, September 4, 2010

Basketball, Golf and Ice Skating ~

Basketball Season starts next week for Baby Bunny's Middle School Team. She's so excited and can't wait to start playing again. Her Team has been practicing every day for several weeks and hopefully they'll win a few games this year. Baby Bunny (who's almost 14) is pictured above ~ she's the girl on the left (wearing red) jumping for the ball. This is a picture from last year ~ but I love this image ~ even though they lost that particular game. Mr Bunny says ~ "She's very Coachable and she's Tall" ......"You can't teach Tall".........

Since she has Basketball Practice or a Game every night during the week ~ she has to take her Golf Lesson on Saturday. We LOVE the Golf "Pro" that she's taking lessons from ~ just so glad that she loves him too. He has really improved her game and next Year ~ she'll try out for the JV Golf Team. She had to make a choice this Year ~ since the Middle School Basketball and Golf Seasons were at the same time. I think she'll enjoy it even more ~ once the weather cools down just a tad. I know I'll enjoy it a lot more if it's under 90 degrees.

Tonight she wanted to go Ice Skating with her friends. Since she really doesn't know how to Ice Skate ~ thought it might not be the best time to risk breaking a bone. I asked her ~ Did she really wanted to spend the Basketball Season sitting on the Bench watching everyone else play? We spent a nice quiet evening at home.

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