Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bedroom Re-Decorating ~

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The Re-decoration of my Bedroom is almost complete. I'm waiting for a few more items that are on back order and I also need to finish making the Curtains. Then ~ I can post a few pictures of everything.

The Fabric Panel (featured above) is one of the main focal points of the Room. The color scheme is pink and green ~ even though the picture above looks a little more purple. This Panel is from the "Castles and Carriages" Collection from South Sea Imports. I was so thrilled when I saw this PERFECT panel ~ featuring a Bunny Princess. Do you know how difficult it is to find fabric with a Bunny Princess on it? I bought several (5) ~ so if you're looking for one ~ just email me.

I cut the panel apart and framed the center panel in a standard "stock" Poster Frame from Target. It fit perfectly in the 18" x 24" frame which was only about $15.00. Then I embellished the "glass" with fabric rosebuds.

I love the words on the large center panel ~ it says:

"I dream of Castles, Magical Horses, Crowns and Carriages, a Handsome Prince and Living Happily Ever After".

Next ~ I cut out each of the smaller fabric panels (bunny, frog, castle and horse) and mounted them each on foam poster board. I just cut the foam poster board into four pieces ~ the size of the panels (approx. 13 x 13) then used spray adhesive to mount them. Since our walls are thick dense bead board ~ it's really difficult to "drive a nail". So, I decided rather than framing the smaller panels in a traditional (heavy) frame ~ I'd mount the four panels on something light so that I can hang them with "poster tape".

DeGrazia Figurine ~ Beautiful Burden

There are 3 Dressers, a Vanity, 2 large nightstands and a bookcase in the Bedroom. So, there are a lot of flat places for collectables. One of the Dressers (the highest one) is home to my DeGrazia figurine collection. I might move the collection to another room ~ but I like the fact that they're up high. They don't really fit in with the pink and green bunny theme of the room ~ but they look okay all together in the corner. I know ~ I'm extremely Eclectic............

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