Friday, April 16, 2010

Miss my Camera ~

Isn't this Bunny adorable? It was made by Jennifer over on Etsy ~ hop right here for her Etsy Shop.
I miss my Camera ~ no that's not true ~ I miss having a Camera. I didn't like the camera I had and I'm not upset that I dropped it and it's broken. I've looked at tons of different Cameras ~ but can't decide which one to purchase. I'm trying to wait until Mother's Day ~ but there are so many bunnies waiting to be photographed. I need one that is easy to use, inexpensive and takes great pictures.

Things have been crazy and I've been so busy with lots of different projects. I spent several days last week planting flowers ~ 86 impatiens to be exact. They look so pretty in the yard ~ they really make me smile when I see them.

We have a Mother Cat and three baby kittens that have moved in ~ underneath our House. She's quite skiddish ~ but I'll see if I can get a picture of her using Beach Bunny's Camera. Yesterday ~ I broke my rule about feeding stray Cats and decided she was the exception. I'm surprised that she picked our House ~ especially since Zoe (our little Yorkie) barks at her constantly. I haven't seen the Kittens yet ~ but our neighbor saw her carry them toward our House.

I've also been working on my tan and exercising daily. I was trying to remember what used to make me happy when I was younger. So, I decided that I'd be happier if I was thinner and tanner. I know it sounds shallow ~ but it's two things I can actually control. This past week I made time to tan and do some walking. I feel so much better ~ better than I have in Years.

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NancyJane said...

Hi Jayne!

Love the bunny Jennifer made, she is so sweet.
Love the one you sent to my daughter Tiffany, that was so sweet of you. Tiffany put her bunny "Willow" on one of her wreaths, she look so adorable.

You have been busy planting! I bet all those impatients are really pretty. I have been trying to do some Spring cleaning and hope to plant a few things pretty quick myself.

I need to work on my exercising too...I get on such a good routine and get so tired and break from it now and then.

You sound just like Tiffany {well, she has never had a rule "not" to feed strays}, she feeds anything that comes to her house!

Love your blog!
Have a great week!