Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How To NEVER Look Fat Again!!

I absolutely LOVE this new Book by Charla Krupp ~ it has tons of tips for dressing "Thin". Some of the tips are just common sense ~ don't wear white pants, large florals or horizontal stripes. However, it's an easy read with lots of pictures and Charla makes you feel that it's normal to have a few extra pounds. Then ~ she tells you tips and tricks to look 10 pounds lighter instantly. Now ~ I'm ready to go through all of my clothes and donate or sell the ones that are "high fat".

Of course ~ after decades of fashion disasters, I now have a better idea of what style looks the best on me. However, on Easter Eve ~ it was a challenge to find an outfit that was slimming and yet looked like Spring. I didn't want to wear black to Church on Easter ~ but didn't want to look 6 months pregnant either. I wanted to wear my sleeveless Fuschia Dress ~ but the color didn't flatter and honestly, it was just too tight. I decided to wear blue/white seersucker pants, white ruffle sleeveless blouse with a navy cropped jacket. No Bunny was looking at me anyway ~ they were too busy looking at my little Bunnies ~ Beach Bunny and Baby Bunny. Beach Bunny was wearing a lovely purple dress and Baby Bunny was wearing a bright Turquoise Sheath. Hopefully ~ the pictures turned out ~ so you can see our Easter outfits.

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Patty said...

Sounds like a great book, thanks for the tip!