Friday, May 14, 2010

Beach Bunny's Prom ~

LOVE these Zebra Sandals ~ Absolutely Adorable.

AND ~ the Zebra Tote is cute too. Zebra Sandals and Tote are both available at Talbots.

My Beach Bunny and Tyler at Merrit Island Christian School's Prom. They are just friends, but don't they make a "striking" couple. I talked Beach Bunny into going to her Prom and then she talked Tyler into going. He's recently lost both of his parents ~ his Mother just passed away last month from Cancer. I know that 20 years from now ~ they'll both be glad that they went to their Prom.

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NancyJane said...

Your daughter is Beautiful! And Tyler is such a handsome man! Yes, they do make a striking couple!
That is just awful that he has lost both of his parents and his mother just recently....especially at such a young age, I hope he is doing ok.
Hope they had a great time at their prom!