Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blog Banners ~

I've been so incredibly busy that I didn't even get a chance to upload my Easter Blog Banner that Tiffany Jane made. I wanted to show it off ~ even though it's a week late putting it on my Blog. Please click on above image and enlarge it ~ so that you can see each and every little lovely detail. Hop right on over to Tiffany's Etsy Shop to see a few of her Blog Banners and art work.

1 comment:

NancyJane said...

You sounds like me and Tiffany, being so busy, things creep upon us and a holiday will be here and gone before we know it!

She always shows me her banners while she's working on them, it just amazes me all the detail that goes into them and how she does it, it looks so confusing to me!
Her talent never ceases to amaze me!
Have a great week Jayne.