Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Bunny Loves to Read ~

I've been busy reading several different books (featured below) and although they're quite different ~ I LOVE all three books.

This Lilly Pulitzer Book (pictured above) has so many Gorgeous pictures, tasty recipes and actually useful entertaining tips. It's a really Fabulous Book and I really enjoyed each and every page. I guess that Lilly Pulitzer will always remain vibrant and youthful ~ even though she's now approaching her 80's. Doesn't she seem much younger than that??

This is also a great little book entitled: Everyday Happy ~ 365 Ways to a Better You by Jenny Hare (seriously her last name is Hare ~ like a Bunny). It's a book to assist you in finding your inner happiness and it has things to do each day to achieve happiness.
"If life is getting you down, try a daily dose of happiness! This pocketbook personal trainer is packed with healthy snacks and herbal remedies to get you feeling great, energy boosting exercises you can do at your desk and motivational meditations for a more positive outlook."

I just finished reading Jenny Sanford's Book ~ Staying True. I found this Book so intriguing and read it in just one night ~ one rather late night. Jenny Sanford is incredibly strong with an unwaivering faith and is the epitome of grace and elegance. At one point ~ she said:
"I have tried my best to act responsibly, patiently, and fairly and will freely welcome the next chapter with no regrets from the past and no fears for the future. I will persevere with my feet firmly planted - preferably with some sand between my toes- focused on my priorities and looking onward and ever upward."
I think she said that so eloquently.

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