Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Bunny is keeping me Hopping!!

Baby Bunny ~ Age 3

Baby Bunny (who's 13 now) is really keeping me hopping!! She has been attending 3 different Church Youth Groups and is also taking Confirmation Classes at my Church. Last Sunday she was the Lay Leader at our Church and did a Fabulous job. She obviously takes after her Father because you couldn't pay me to speak in front of a group of people.

So ~ between Confirmation, Easter and being Lay Leader ~ she needed a couple of nice dresses. We spent Friday night at the Mall trying on (what seemed like) every dress. Of course ~ since she's 13 ~ we couldn't agree on anything. We took a break ~ had Dinner and then FINALLY found two dresses that she liked. One of them is a Turquoise sleeveless sheath by Calvin Klein and the other one is a Purple Dress by Adrienne Papelle. There are some really ugly dresses out there ~ we just didn't agree on which ones were ugly. We even found some cute shoes that match her new Turquoise dress.

Now ~ next weekend, I've got to take Beach Bunny shopping for a Prom Dress and an Easter outfit. Hopefully ~ we can find something that we both agree on. She's tall and thin ~ so everything looks great on her. However, she likes the trendy styles and I prefer the classic styles. Wish me luck.......

Baby Bunny (who's 13 now) is also selling her Legos Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle ~ Number 4709. We're going to put it on Ebay this week or next. She worked this past weekend putting it together ~ so that we can take pictures of it and also make sure that all of the pieces were there.

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