Friday, March 5, 2010

Jimmy Buffett and Take the Weather with You

Exciting news ~ Mr. Bunny met Jimmy Buffett this week. How cool is that??? I'll post all the pictures later. I actually met him YEARS ago ~ okay DECADES ago ~ ions before he became an Icon ~ but for some reason he doesn't remember me.

My Sister has been here for a week and when she left today ~ I told her "Take the Weather with you". She lives in Atlanta and she couldn't believe how cold it's been here in Florida. This morning it was 35 degrees and now at 1:00 pm it's 57 degrees ~ which is still too cold for Florida ~ especially since it's March.

Jimmy Buffett has recorded over 350 songs ~ think I'll go and listen to a few of his songs. AND ~ maybe it'll inspire "Mother Nature" to warm things up ~ cause Every Bunny LOVES Jimmy Buffett ~ especially Mother Nature.

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