Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gift Ideas ~ Part 2

I saw these adorable hats and scarves for Wine Bottles and thought they would really "dress up" a Wine Bottle. It adds a "layer" of cuteness to gifting a Bottle of Wine. You can hop right here ~ to purchase one ($10.00 each).

Alexandra95062 over on Ebay is having a sale on some of her jewels. You know how much I love all of her designs. I've bragged ~ I mean blogged about my Alexandra95062 Collection several times previously on my Bunny Blog. You can hop right here to purchase this Gorgeous Boro Blue Bracelet ~ it's currently on sale for $64.00.

I have one of these Chimes from "Dinner Time Chimes" and LOVE it. They are made from repurposed silver place settings and have the prettiest tone. They are lovely to look at and the sound that they make is even lovelier. You can hop right here to their Etsy Shop.

AND ~ for my latest obsession with Owls..... Dinner Time Chimes also makes these adorable Owls. Too Cute!!!

You can purchase two Owls for $7.00 ~ just hop right here.

Who doesn't love a Lilly?? Lynn over at lwhelan on Etsy makes these pretty and preppy Aprons out of Lilly Pulitzer fabric. Just hop right here for some lovely Lilly.

This Lilly Patchwork Scarf that Lynn designed is so Gorgeous!! Hop right here for lots of Lilly by Lynn of lwhelan.
FINALLY ~ The perfect Storage Container for left-over food. I'm so ready to throw out all of my stained and pitted storage containers. I'd LOVE to find a few of these under my Christmas Tree (without any left over food in them). As you know ~ you can't warm up tomato products in plastic containers ~ because it will ruin them. So ~ Pyrex has designed these glass containers with two different types of lids. It features a glass lid for reheating and a plastic lid for storage. You can hop right here to the Pyrex website ~ where this Container is on sale for $6.99. They have various sizes ~ but I like the rectangle shape since it takes up less space in the Refrigerator and Cabinet than the round ones.
Caution ~ Not EveryBunny would want to receive a Storage Container as a Gift. Well, unless it was filled to the top with exquisite jewelry. Gifting Storage Containers might be in the household appliance category ~ like a Vacuum Cleaner, Iron or pots and pans.


TiffanyJane said...

Hi Jayne! How adorable are the wine bottle hats and scarves!! Those are so cute! Love the bracelet & cute little owls...all would make such great gifts. The apron is very festive and love the scarf {really into those right now}...bought a black and gray one yesterday as a matter of fact. :)
Hope you have a Wonderful and Peaceful Christmas!!
xo Tiff

TiffanyJane said...

Hi Jayne :) Meant to tell you...I love your Christmas card! I love the neat "stamping" look it had, one of my favorites!
Thank you!!
Merry Christmas!!
Tiff :)

Libby Buttons said...

I have the Pyrex set and although I do adore it~ I'd prefer to have a Wine bottle Santa (make it full please).
LiBBy BuTTons