Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brahmin Handbags and 365 Days of Handbags~ 2010

I'm so "Hoppy" that they've made a 365 Days of Handbags Calendar for 2010. I was so worried that maybe this Calendar Series would be discontinued. A lot of my favorite things have been discontinued ~ like my pretty shade of nail polish, Reynolds colored plastic wrap, Bath and Body Works Creamy Coconut Body Wash, Michel Hula Girl Coconut Lotion and "Memories" scented Candles ~ just to name a few items.

I've really enjoyed my 365 Days of Handbags Calendar this past year ~ it has brought me so much joy and I'm looking forward to this new edition for 2010. Hop right over here to Amazon ~ if you're interested in purchasing one of these unique Calendars for only $10.39.

Speaking of Handbags and discontinued items ~ Brahmin has discontinued my Toasted Almond Backpack (pictured above). I've only used it once and was seriously considering selling it on Ebay. Now that it's discontinued ~ I don't think I can part with it.

I think it's such a Gorgeous Backpack and looks so Chic ~ even if it wasn't featured in the 365 Days of Handbags Calendar.
This is one of the new designs by Brahmin.
I also like this Gorgeous Brahmin Handbag (pictured above) ~ it's a classic timeless design.

AND ~ I loved this one with the leather roses. So Chic!! I wanted to get it just for the roses.

Now ~ they have the leather rose bundle available for purchase ~ so you can add it to ANY purse.

These leather roses are available in SEVEN different colors ~ black, red, pecan, grape, taupe, khaki and truffle. Hop right over here to the Brahmin website.
They have lots of Gorgeous Accessories over on the Brahmin website ~ like this Cosmetics Bag (pictured above).
Isn't this an elegant Wallet? Surprisingly ~ it holds lots of credit cards and money (if I had any). AND ~ I get tons of compliments (it's even more gorgeous in person).

AND ~ it's so thin.
I LOVE this key ring that is actually a little handbag ~ too cute!! Hop right here to visit the Brahmin website.


Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

HI Jayne! Thanks for Hopping over :O) My little bunnies had a blast at their parties. :O)

Bunny hugs!

Tina- said...

interesting in that all of those bags resemble alligator skin..who'd have known that a look that was popular back in the early 50's would come back again? my granny had one of those little alligator head purses, made out of a little alligator, it had the feet on it actually may sound sorta weird but it was a really cool looking purse.
by the way..thanks for stopping by my blog...glad you enjoyed the cardinal photos, and hopefully soon you all down in S. Florida will get a bit of cooler weather too.have a lovely week.~Tina