Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Giveaway for 75th Blog Posting ~

Giveaway Update ~ Thanks to EveryBunny for their Fabulous Comments!!! Due to an overwhelming response ~ I've decided to add another Spider Web Tote for Second Place and a Tissue Cover OR Wristlet Key Fob for Third Place.

1st Place ~ Spider Web Halloween Tote AND Carnival Bloom Mini Wallet
2nd Place ~ Spider Web Halloween Tote
3rd Place ~ Your Choice of Tissue Cover OR Wristlet Key Fob (Please note ~ " Your Choice" is limited to items listed in the Sew Gracious Etsy Store)

This is my 75th Blog Posting ~ so I'm having a Giveaway to celebrate!! I L♥VE Giveaways and didn't want to wait until my 100th Posting to offer these adorable products!!

Pam from Sew Gracious makes the most Fabulous Boutique Bags, Wallets and Tissue Covers!! I just couldn't resist buying several of them and wanted to feature them here on my Blog. They make the perfect gifts for a Giveaway!!

My 75th Blog Giveaway includes the Spider web Tote (pictured below) and the Carnival Bloom Wallet. All you need to do is leave me a Comment right here on this Posting and I'll enter your name for these two items ~ which are both featured below. If you post about my Giveaway on your Blog with a link back to this Posting ~ then you will receive 5 additional Entries ~ for a total of 6 Entries.

Isn't this a fun little bag and it's perfect for collecting candy on Halloween night or as part of your Halloween Decorations! Your little princess or pirate can carry a handmade candy bucket . . . much better and more eco-friendly than the plastic pumpkin. The bow can be easily removed if it's for a boy. The dimensions are approx. 10" wide at the top, 6" front to back (depth) and 6" tall (excluding handles).

Great News ~ Pam has listed additional Spider Web Totes in her Etsy Store!! So, if you don't want to wait for the end of my Giveaway ~ hop right here to purchase one. Pam has several other fabric choices in her Etsy Store ~ just hop over
here to see all of them.

This cute little Mini Wallet/Card Case is also included in my Giveway!!! It is made from Michael Miller Carnival Bloom fabric and measures approx. 3" X 5" (when closed).

The following are pictures of several Totes/Boutique Bags that Pam has in her Etsy Store ~
Sew Gracious.

I LOVE the Blue and Brown color combo and anything with Damask ~ isn't this absolutely Gorgeous? Hop over here to read all about it.

Could this Tote/Handbag be any Trendier or more Chic? Of course, this Michael Miller Carnival Bloom Fabric is EveryBunny's favorite!! Hop right here for more details about this "must-have" Fashion Accessory!!

This Tote/Handbag was pictured in the Wall Street Journal on 8/12/08. It's such an Elegant design and would be the perfect accessory for Fall, Spring, Summer and/or Winter. Hop here to read all about this World Famous Sew Gracious Design.

Wouldn't this make a Fabulous gift or an adorable Tote Bag to use while Christmas Shopping? Hop right here to purchase one for yourself!!

Pam also has lots of "little" gifts/extras!!! I LOVE these tissue covers and have bought several lovely ones as gifts and even a couple of them for myself.

A new fragrance at the Mall Perfume Counter absolutely overwhelmed me the other day. Thank goodness I had my new Gorgeous Tissue Cover full of tissues in my Handbag!! You just never know when you might need a Kleenex and I'll never leave home again without my cute little Sew Gracious Tissue Holder.

Isn't this pink and brown Damask Tissue Cover pretty? They're reasonably priced so that you can buy a couple for yourself and a few to give as gifts. Isn't there ALWAYS SomeBunny that gives you a gift at Christmas that you didn't have on your list? Wouldn't one of these Tissue Covers be perfect or maybe one of the Mini Wallets?

"Sew" don't forget to leave me a Comment and then for 5 extra Entries ~ post about this Great Giveaway on your Blog. This Giveway will include the Sew Gracious Spider Web Tote AND the Carnival Bloom Mini Wallet/Card Case (pictured above). A winner will be randomly selected at Midnight ET on October 3, 2008. You don't need a Blog to enter ~ however, please provide an email address.

Please visit Pam's Etsy Store ~ Sew Gracious to see all of her Trendy and Chic Designs!! She offers Boutique Bags, Clutch Wallets, Eyeglass Cases, Mini Wallets/Card Cases and Wristlet Key Fobs ~ all of which are meticulously handmade in her Robin's Egg Blue Studio.

"Sew Gracious Bags & Accessories are for the woman who appreciates a chic, stylish, well-made item that reflects her fashion sense & personality."


quitecontrary1977 said...

Happy 75th post! Love this Halloween tote! My daughter will have her first trick or treat experience this year! How perfect this would be! I love the wallet too! I just tossed mine out fter my baby pooped on it. I'd love a sew gracious wallet.

micaela6955 said...

first, congrats on your milestone 75th post! The bag is very cute, and the spider web fabric definitely adds a spooky Halloween touch. My daughter would love to have this to compliment her Halloween outfit when she goes trick or treating this year. And mommy would love that nice looking wallet for herself!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

I just love the halloween bag--my two granddaughters would have to share it with me for my costume. Congrats on your 75th post I am new at this so your succes is such an inspiration.

ihchicky said...

I really like the bag you are giving away. How perfect for Halloween?! I also like the pink damask bag on Pam's etsy store. Very chic. I also wanted to let you know that I blogged about your giveaway. You can find the post here: http://everythingupclose.blogspot.com/2008/09/tuesday-giveaways.html

Congrats on your 75th post!

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Oooh Jayne!! I love Pam's things :o) I have a wallet a mini wallet and a key fob from her. But not in that fabric!
Meggie would LOVE the Treat bag!

Yay on your 75th post!!!!

I'm planning big things for my
100th ;o)

Anja said...

Happy 75th post!
Halloween tote is great! It won't be used only on Helloween in our house :o) And wallet is just too cute.

Thank you for inviting me to your giveaway.

Hugs, Anja

P.S. Now I'm off to post about your giveaway on my blog.

Whimsical Creations said...

Happy 75th post! This shop is awesome! Love her stuff especially the Halloween totes. Those are adorable!

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Sew Gracious said...

Happy 75th Post JAYNE!!! :-)

I appreciate your doing such a generous giveaway and all your kind compliments! Your readers posts have been flattering as well.

Thank you all so much!

Good luck to all of the entrants! :-)



PamperingBeki said...

Oh how fun!! I'm a big Pam fan. :)

I LOOOOVE the little Halloween totes. Too cute.

I'll definitely blog about this. :)

Kristan said...

the black damask bag is the cutest! what a great giveaway.

Sue Cahill said...

Congrats on 75 posts, you sound so entusiastic, that is great!
I love your giveaway prizes, thanks for introducing me to such a lovely ETSY shop.
Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Jen Glover said...

Jayne, these are sooo adorable! I also posted a link back here on my message board, so I'm sure you will get a lot of Coconuts falling in over here!

Hugs Cutie!


Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

CONGRATS on 75 big ones. YEAH! What fun and what great give a ways. Pam's bags rock! I am planning to do a give-a-way for my upcoming 500th post and am still trying to decide what to do. Decisions decisions, right? Either way, have a blast with all of this "fun-ness!" Hee hee!
Hugs, Angie

Heidi Zawisza said...

Yay for 75!!!!!! And especially YAY for your giveaway! Consider me entered! Ava would LOOOOOOOVE that halloween tote.....is there any way to cheat on this one? hee hee hee
Oh, and of course I will blog on this! TOO CUTE!!!!

Anonymous said...

FUN! Count me in.

Thanks :)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Congratulations on your 75th post!

Please enter me in your awesome giveaway! I wrote a post about it on my blog at the address below:


I always love to hear about new bags, I am a little addicted to them :)


ShortOne said...

love all of these things - i will be visiting to check them out & find one I can't live without.

congrats to #75.

Please enter me in your give away. I am going back to link to you now, you can find me here:http://reflections1969.blogspot.com/


Jess said...

Fantastic giveaway! :) Thank you so much for even having a giveaway like this!

jess%%%4002 [at] gmail [dot] com
(without the %%%)

Wendy said...

Happy 75th:) Here is my post! I added it to the end of my Wordless Wed. to help you get more hits!

Sandi Hixson said...

Merry Seventy-five!!!!
What adorable bags! I would love love love to win!
I am definitely posting for you!

Jawan said...

The halloween tote is delish! My sweet daughter would be adorable toting this around. Not to mention that I'm sure everyone will be asking where I got it or who made it. Great for your business!

Happy 75th!

TUTU Monkey said...

Happy 75th!!!!

These are so Fun!!!! off to post on my blog......:) Great give-a-way!!

my little buttercup said...

Sew gracious is sew talented! I love all her things. I am reletively new to bloging, and this is such a fun idea!
Thanks for the post, and Happy 75th!!! (wow)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 75th post!! Ive enjoyed reading your blog! The tote and wallet are def cute. I would love a chance to win !!

Sheila Nielsen Photography said...

Oh my! These are fabulous! Pick me! Pick me! :)

Sheila Nielsen Photography said...

Of course, I had to link too!


The Royal Family said...

sew cute!
HEy my blog is private, but I promise i'll link ya!


Krystyn said...

Cute stuff...I wanna win!

Start To Finish Supplies said...

Congrats on the milestone. Please enter me into your contest. I love SewGracious! That spiderweb bag would look great on my shoulder!


Jorgelina said...

Congratulations on your 75th post!!

That funny! Encantaria to participate to me!!!!
A greeting !!!!

Cynthia said...

Congradulations on your 75th!!!!! and hoping for many more to come!!!! I love all of Pam's items, especially her Blue and Brown Damask. I just love all of her color combinations. Great jobs to the both of you!!!

cfd02 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 75 posts


Debbie said...

Congrats on your 75th post....

San said...

Congrats on all the blogging! I just began blogging and selling on etsy myself. Wow, I am addicted to all the great tutorials and fun stuff on so many sites I am subscribing to now! I will add your contest to mine, www.The4rsRamblings.blogspot.com Thanks for including me in your drawing, I love the prizes!

Natasha said...

Congratulations on your 75th post!! I would love to be entered for these 'oh-so-cute' creations! The halloween tote is wonderful!

I am blogging about your giveaway Here

Thank you for the chance to enter!!

Natasha said...

Eeep, sorry, I posted the wrong link!! I blogged about it Here

Treasuresofjoy said...

I so Love the polka dots Halloween tote and I really need a new wallet!

Janean Campbell said...

Congrats on the posts...Your blog is awesome. Please hop over and check out my blog...I've posted a little blurb about your giveaway there.


Paige said...

Grats on the 75th mark!

That spiderweb fabric is too cute; I'd probably carry the bag year round!

- Marybeth I. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
- Marybeth I. said...

MICHAEL MILLER . Carnival Bloom Market Tote Handbag Diaper Bag is my favorite - I also love the clutches

~Kat's Life~ said...

So cute! I love that bag!! Too cute!!!
Congrats on the 75th blog post!!!

Allisa Jacobs said...

This will be my baby Jack's first Halloween, I'd love for him to carry this little 'bucket' around to his baby Halloween party!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway,


KPP said...

The Mini Wallet/Card Case looks awesome as do the boutique bags and totes. Fabulous!

traci hudson said...

SUPER cute stuff!!

Nathalie Brault said...

Happy 75th post. Wow I'm in love with the to it's so cute. And the mini wallet is quite aforable too. Blessings..xx

Bethany said...

Congratulations on the 75th post! That wallet is so super cute! Crossing my fingers for the giveaway.

Jodi Renshaw said...

What yummy goodies! I would love to win one. THANK YOU :)

Sandy said...

Fabulous goodies! Congratulations on your 75th post! I so enjoy your blog and visit more than I have time to comment most times! Have a fabulous week!

Brandy said...

Congrats on your 75th post! I am more than a little addicted to purses and hand bags so I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win! I am new here and your blog is great. So now I'm off to add a post about your give away on my blog!

Julie said...

Congrats on the 75th post!
I too am a huge fan of Pam's work, she's very talented and has such a great eye for putting fabrics together!!

Always Inspire said...

Not sure what I did wrong, but you can't see my blog address with my comment...sorry, trying again!

Mannie Vincent said...

WOW! The halloween bag and the mini wallet are fantasic! She does great work!!! And, super cute blog, by-the-way (: XOX


Erin said...

I love your bags! Super cute! I really like the fabric you use, especially the Michael Miller carnival bloom.


layla said...

Happy 75th. The Spiderweb Tote would be perfect for my daughter's first Halloween and I love the Carnival Bloom fabric. Thanks for the great giveaway.

cpullum said...

Happy 75th!!!!
Wow what a perfect giveaway! I would love to have that tote!


k.j.h said...

Congrats on the milestone post! I love all of the fabrics! The Halloween one is so cute- what a fun way to celebrate.

Angie said...

The halloween bag is SO cute!

ravenwins @ comporium.net

daisycakessoap said...

75 posts--wow! I admire your work and consistency! The halloween bag-actually all the bags are awesome! Great work all the way around-cheers to you!

Happy Together said...

Hey :) Thanks for letting me know about this!!! How cute are those prizes! I will be putting this up on my blog as well. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jayne!

Cute Halloween bag & nice feature!
hoganfe handmade
handbag originals!

Abellamiento said...

What a great way to celebrate your 75th blog post! Keeping up by posting entries in a blog is a lot of work, so that certainly is a measure of your success. You've done an excellent job here, so I truly look forward to a chance at winning these adorable prizes! Thanks for the chance!

MaddyMazeStudio said...

Congratulations on your 75th blog post. All of the items in the giveaway are beautiful...thanks for letting me enter.


Jen said...

Happy 75th! I just love that Halloween tote! My daughters would just love carrying that around FILLED with Halloween candy! Thanks!

-10oneworld on etsy

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Great idea to celebrate your 75th post! Those bags are gorgeous!


crystal said...

75 posts is great!!!
This Halloween bag is adorable. That is something that would get used quite often not just Halloween night here:)


L said...

OMG!!! I love that halloween bag!!! Happy 75th post!!

L said...

and i linked back to you, too

Anonymous said...

I love Pam's pretty things. Count me in! I blogged about it, too.

Laura said...

Fun, Fun, Fun. Count me in!
laurab.woodruff at gmail.com

Carli said...

I love this new Halloween bag! I could use something new for the season. Count me in on this contest! P.S I love the new tissue carrier. I think i need to purchase one or two, etc.!

Anonymous said...

What cute totes! I love them!!


Annelies Dease said...

Sew cute....and keeping fingers crossed. WOULD LOVE TO WIN!!!! XXX Annie

Miss Anne said...

Happy 75th post!

LOVE the wallet! What a beautiful set of products! :)