Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday ~ Park!!

Happy Birthday Park!! My the years have flown ~ but you have aged to perfection! So, how can you be 40+ when your Mom is only 39?!?

I've always been attracted to older men and fell in love with Park the moment that we first met. And they said our "March-December" Romance would never last.

This is how Park will be spending his Birthday ~ on the Golf Course!!

Park and the girls complain constantly that their eyelashes are so long that they can't wear sunglasses. Imagine having lashes so long that they rub the lenses inside your glasses. My Daughter actually wanted to trim her eyelashes because she thought they were too long. I was horrified that she might cut them like she cut all her hair off when she was 4. I told them both ~ you can't be too thin, too tan or have lashes that are too long.

I also fell in love with Cary Grant when I first saw him. I found this video and thought it would be perfect for Park's Birthday. It features Toby Keith's song ~ "As good as I once was".

Park and Jayne ~ Easter Sunday 1990

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TJ said...

What a terrible thing to be blessed with! LOL

So 18 years very soon? Congrats. We are working on 8, although we met 10 years ago next week.