Monday, February 2, 2009

Irony upon Irony upon Irony ~

Irony ~ my life at present is full of Irony......

Santa brought me a new Computer for Christmas because my old Computer was just about a heartbeat away from Crashing. I had used up all the Memory on my old Computer with Games, Music, Pictures and Junk. My new Computer ~ top of the line ~ and with enough memory for 90,000 Pictures!!! Ironically ~ it crashed last week.
Late one night last week ~ I posted on this very Blog about my Hero June Cleaver and how I so wanted to be more like her. Right after I published that Post ~ my brand new fancy Computer crashed. A wink from God with an answer to my prayer for a simpler life or perhaps subtle irony.

After I recovered from the shock of how this could happen ~ I then spent what seemed like a day and a half on the telephone with Customer Support. Diagnosis ~ Defective Hard Drive. So, hopefully the Computer Tech is burning the midnight oil at this very moment ~ transferring all my "stuff" over to the new Hard Drive. I'll know in the morning if he was able to save all my pictures and documents.

Ironically ~ this is my 100th Post!! So, for my 100th Post ~ instead of having a Giveaway or a huge celebration ~ I'm posting about my Computer Woes. I'm using my Daughter's laptop and don't even have access to any of my pictures or my email.
So ~
If you have emailed me and I haven't responded yet ~ please email me again after Wednesday (2/04/09). I only have access to one of my four email accounts. You can always leave a comment for me here.
~ Bunny Blessings ~

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