Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Lily Eden Blog Giveaway ~

There is a Fabulous Giveaway going on over at My Lily Eden's Blog. It's actually Seven Days of Giveaways and this is Day 4 ~ so you'd better hurry and hop right over here. Don't you love the Header (pictured above) that she has on her Blog? I always enjoy visiting her Blog and I know you'll Love it too.

These are the adorable heart tags that I bought from her Etsy Store ~ Lemon Tree Studio. I LOVE all of her cute hand made products. She's so incredibly talented and I can't wait to see what she designs for Easter. Hopefully ~ there will be lots and lots of bunnies in her Etsy Store soon. *hint*hint*

Isn't this bright and colorful fabric adorable? I also bought it from her Etsy Store ~ Lemon Tree Studio.

And these are some Owl Tags that she made ~ hop right here to see them.

Don't forget to enter the 7 Day Giveaway on the
My Lily Eden Blog.

Bunny-rific News ~

I fixed my email program today and I think all 4 of my email addresses are working now. It only took me five hours and I had to hack into one of my email accounts ~ but at least they're FINALLY all working. Of course, I have different passwords for each account and I had written down one of the passwords incorrectly using a "Capital letter" instead of "lower case". Now, I have several hundred emails to read ~ so I'll be busy with that tomorrow.

Also ~ I have some beautiful new products for my website ~ so I'll start listing them on Bunny Chic Boutique in the next few days.

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