Thursday, July 31, 2008

Small Town Southern Man

Today is my Father's Birthday ~ so I wanted to do a short Tribute to him. He was a Small Town Southern Man and when I heard Alan Jackson's new song by the same name ~ I knew that it would be the PERFECT song to describe him. He LOVED his family, his Church, his small town and he also loved "working on the land". He was a successful businessman and was the epitome of Integrity and Elegance ~ a true Southern Gentleman.

~ Mitchell Ellington ~
(Julian Mitchell Ellington)

1927 - 1995

He was a quiet man of few words ~ but when he spoke people listened ~ especially his four daughters. Well, I listened ~ but I didn't always "follow" his words of wisdom. Yes ~ I was "raised on the ways and gentle kindness of a Small Town Southern Man".

In his spare time ~ which he had so little of ~ he worked in the groves mowing. He found it relaxing and enjoyed "working on the land". We've been reading his "Daytimer" from a few years before he passed away and he had a lot "on his plate". We didn't realize it back then ~ I guess it's because he was so quiet and not a complainer ~ always extremely optimistic. He worked tirelessly managing TWO Companies simultaneously (a Ford Dealership AND a Construction Company) and also his Orange Grove. In addition to that ~ he was on numerous Committees at Church and on the City's Planning and Zoning Board.

I wanted to put together a Video with a slide show and Alan Jackson's song "Small Town Southern Man". So, since I was having "Computer issues" and couldn't figure out how to make one ~ Lauren's friend in CT made a Video for me and we have it showing on Youtube. It's very short ~ because I was limited to family pictures that my Sister had given me on a CD. My Scanner and my Computer aren't "talking to each other ~ for some reason. Thankfully ~ I had that precious CD of pictures to use for our Video.

Did you notice me in the "Easter Portrait" of the four daughters? I'm the one wearing the Easter Dress sitting on the tricycle with my hat lopsided on my head. I was such a "tom boy" and lived on my tricycle dawn to dusk. I usually wore a hard hat while riding my Tricycle ~ but I guess since it's Easter ~ I wore an Easter Bonnet. Wait until you see a picture of me in a hard hat ~ it's hilarious. Well, my family enjoys talking about my bright silver aluminum hard hat ~ so I might as well just post it on my Blog.

I think Manya did a Fabulous job on the Video and even added special effects including "waves" for the Beach scenes. Did I mention that Lauren's friend is only 10 years old? Please leave a comment ~ I know that she would really appreciate hearing your (positive) feedback about her Video. Of course, you know I treasure each and every comment that I receive!!

Any and all photos/images are used without my Mother's permission or even her knowledge ~ especially this one.


Heidi Zawisza said...

What an AWESOME tribute to your daddy.....I have tears in my eyes!

Scarlet O'Kara said...

I love that song too! It reminds me of my father and my father-in-law. Both of them are wonderful, God fearing men, who live for their families.

You father sounds like a wonderful man. And your video tribute was a great gift to his memory.

Happy Birthday to your father.

Natasha Burns said...

What a wonderful tribute to your dad! Wow the creator of that video clip is only 10???? I see a future Speilberg here....!!!

LW said...

I stopped over from Natasha'a and had to tell you how wonderful this was...


Jillian said...

How sweet! What a great tribute. Love the old photos. I found your blog while reading Natasha's! Glad I did...


Angie(quillysilly) said...

She did a wonderful was a lovely tribute. He seems like he was a fantastic husband and father. Thank you for sharing...