Saturday, April 5, 2008

When God Winks ~

This is a picture of Slovenia ~ isn't it absolutely Gorgeous?

Have you ever thought of someone and then the phone rings and it's actually that person calling you? Have you ever opened a Book or Magazine and found information that is timely with your current situation or a project that you're working on? Have you ever "run into" an old friend at a time when it seemed much more than a coincidence? There are probably so many times that incidents are much more than mere coincidences ~ they are actually times when God is winking at us. We (I) just need to be more aware of these precious winks from God.

During the "One World One Heart" Blog Event I visited a charming and beautiful Blog. It was in two languages and so I was intrigued as to the other language and what part of the World the Blogger lived. I read the name of the Country outloud ~ "Slovenia". Well, Lauren was in total shock and disbelief when she heard the name ~ Slovenia. Amazingly, that day at School ~ her Teacher had given each Student the name of a Country for an International Studies Project. Can you believe that Lauren was assigned the Country of Slovenia?

Honestly, I had never heard of Slovenia ~ but then Geography is not my best Subject. I do however know lots of completely useless information ~ like all the words to the theme song from Gilligan's Island.

So, I emailed Anja and asked if she'd be willing to help Lauren with her Project. Anja was so extremely kind and said she'd love to answer questions about Slovenia. Lauren and I are both looking forward to learning more about Anja's Beautiful Country ~ Slovenia. Hop over here to check out Anja's Fabulous Blog.

When I went to get the link for Anja's Blog ~ I noticed that she's posted instructions for a cute Jean Bucket. I've been looking eveywhere for a tutorial/pattern similar to this easy and adorable Jean Bucket. I can't wait to try and make one. And so ~ once again God has winked at me .....

"The most important thing she'd learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one." -Jill Churchhill

The above Quote is posted on Anja's Blog ~ don't you love it?

Slovenia is a young a republic, only about 15 years old, part of the former Yugoslavia. It's just east of Italy and south of Austria with spectacular mountains, the Julian Alps, which are just perfect for hiking. The people are friendly, the country is immaculate, the food is wonderful. The relative unanimity of the region has made it a unique and untouched location, unlike anywhere else in Europe.

This is the description of Slovenia from the website ~ Bill Russell's Mountain Tours. You can click here for information about an unforgetable hiking trip through Slovenia. I'd love to visit Slovenia ~ just don't think I would survive a Hiking Tour.

I LOVE this picture of Lauren that was actually taken several years ago.

This picture of Lauren reminds me of a 1940's starlet.

Have you ever had an incident where you felt it was just a little bit more than a conincidence ~ possibly a wink from God? I'd love to hear about it ~ you can post a comment or email me using the link on the "side bar".

Don't forget to visit Drobtinice (Anja's Blog) ~ she always has interesting info and tons of vivid and colorful photos ~ just hop here.

Thanks for visiting my Blog!! Please come again soon ~ you're always welcome here!


Jen Glover said...

Wow! So beautiful, I'm heading over to check it out right now. I loved what you said about God winking. He works on me in small ways too. Thank you for your kind words. Happy Monday! Oh! Blog Candy at my place!

corina said...

Lovely post, there are so many beautiful places in this world, and not enough time to visit all of them, so a virtual visit is a blessing, thank you!

Natasha Burns said...

Jayne oh my goodness!!! Another coincidence... My mother is Sloveinan!!! I have family there, and I have been there too. And as soon as I saw your photos I immediately recognised it as being Sloveina, Lake Bled specifically. I have been across on a funny little boat to that little island, and I have been up to that castle. We have cousins who live in that region as well as further down. It is one of the most incredible places I have ever seen in the whole world! I have been to 12 countries outside Australia and Slovenia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful. People don't know about it, which is good in a way, keeps it from developing too much in a bad way. You would love it there, I could guarantee that. I will go visit Anja's blog soon, thanks for the link xo