Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break and Sweet 16

~ Spring Break ~

This week is Spring Break for us ~ but it's cloudy and looks like rain. So, Pictures ~ especially Beach Pictures will have to be put off until tomorrow. The weather could be better ~ but we're making the best of it and enjoying the breeze. Park cleaned off the Front Porch over the weekend and even rearranged the Wicker Furniture ~ so that now "we can seat 10 comfortably". Yes, he's wanting to entertain again ...... *sigh* double *sigh*..... So, stay tuned ~ there's usually a Crisis and most definitely Chaos whenever we attempt to entertain.

Today ~ Lauren has Basketball Practice. They are working really hard preparing for their first Tournament this weekend. Oh and Lauren broke her finger at practice the other day ~ so she's playing with a splint. The good news ~ she's getting really good shooting and dribbling with her left hand. Hopefully ~ Friday morning ~ the Doctor will clear her to play in the Tournament. Don't worry ~ I'll take tons of pictures.

It's so difficult to accept the fact that Alexandra will be 16 in a few weeks. We've been planning a "simple" Sweet 16 party and I guess the theme is "extremely informal". I'm a little disappointed that she doesn't want treat bags, adorable invitations or cute decorations.

When I hear this particular song on the Radio ~ I can't help but think of Alexandra. It's the latest song by Rodney Adkins ~ "Cleaning this Gun". The Video below features that Song with the "Crew" from Seventh Heaven. Now, Seventh Heaven USED to be Alexandra's favorite show ~ it's been replaced by "The Hills" and "Lost".

So, this Video is dedicated to each and every boy out there that is even thinking about dating our Daughter. Enjoy the Video ~ you know what to do ~ click on the little triangle below.....

Just like the Song says ~ "Yeah, we thinks she's something else ~ she's her Daddy's girl, her Mama's World.......

Oh MY Gosh!! Daddy has a GUN ~ Are you kidding me?

Zoe doesn't like Boys & she bites~she'll protect Alexandra!

(Any and all pictures were used without my Daughter's knowledge or consent.)

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Pherenike said...


I dont have kids but that video and you comment about the picture consent made me laugh.