Thursday, April 10, 2008

Milo and Gabby

Milo and Gabby ~ just another Wink from God!

~ Milo and Gabby Pillow Purses ~

Milo and Gabby offer the most adorable Animal Shaped Pillowcases and Pillow Purses. I'm always looking for the perfect gift and these Fabulous Milo and Gabby Designs are the hottest products right now!

Steve and Karen are a husband/wife design team that designed these Fabulous Products ~ with more designs in production. The company of Milo and Gabby is named after two of their wonderful family pets ~Milo the little black Cat and a soft, cuddly Bunny named Gabby.

Milo and Gabby was the first Company that I approached when I opened my online Boutique ~ Bunny Chic Boutique. They were extremely encouraging and so willing to help me with various aspects of my Business. Their children critiqued my website and I was so thrilled that they loved it. Yes ~ I truly believe that "running into" Milo and Gabby on the Web was yet another "Wink from God".

The Milo and Gabby Pillow Purses (featured below) are the "must have" accessory for any sleepover ~ especially to Grandma's House. These Micro Fleece Animal Shaped Pillow Purses come with a removable cotton Pillow ~ just add a blankie and pj's. They're the perfect size for a quick trip in the Car or a nice long trip via Car/Train/Plane. By the way ~ you should NEVER use the pillows provided on airplanes!! That's a great idea ~ maybe I should open a Kiosk at the Orlando International Airport.......

The Plush Pillow Purses feature the Dog, Bunny, Cat and Pony ~ hop here for additional information about these Practical yet Posh Pillow Purses.

Isn't this Puppy adorable?

Could this Bunny Pillow Purse be any cuter?

~ Purrfect Kitty Cat Pillow Purse ~

What girl doesn't want a Pony? This pretty Pony is extremely low maintenance!

The adorable Animal Shaped Pillowcases are available in six different styles ~ Dinosaur, Bunny, Fish, Pony, Dog and Cat. They would also add the finishing touch to any Bedroom decor. Hop right here for more information on these Functional and Fabulous Pillowcases.

~ Dinosaur Shaped Pillowcase ~

~ Dog Shaped Pillowcase ~

~ Fish Shaped Pillowcase ~

~ Cat Shaped Pillowcase ~

~ Pony Shaped Pillowcase ~

~ Bunny Shaped Pillowcase ~

Don't forget to hop by my Blog tomorrow ~ I'll be visiting Kelli's House for Show and Tell. I can't wait to Share another Story in my Series entitled ~ Every Bunny has a "Tale".

Until Manana ~ Sweet Dreams!!

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Eleana said...

What a cute pretty animals! I do like your ideas and fantasy!
All my best!