Monday, June 28, 2010

LOVE my new 4th of July Blog Banner!!! Thanks to Tiffany Jane for making such a Fabulous design. She also made a really cute one for my Etsy Shop. She has a couple of Banners left in her Shop ~ just hop right here to see them.

Crazy busy working on re-decorating and re-organizing each and every room in my House. I'm working on Baby Bunny's Room today and can't wait to share pics with you. She's out of town until Friday ~ so I'm hoping to be done and surprise her when she returns. I've removed all Bunnies ~ Peter Rabbit, etc. from her room and moved a few girly things in there for her. I'm redesigning/redecorating without sending a dime ~ so we'll see what you think about my latest design challenge.

AND ~ the UPS man (love him) just delivered my new Toile Fabric. It's going to look so Gorgeous in my Blue and Yellow Kitchen. The Fabric is made by P. Kaufmann and has a faint stripe in the background. I'm going to make curtains for the French Doors in my Kitchen. If you're interested in this particular fabric ~ email me and I'll let you know where you can purchase it on sale w/free shipping.

Off to work in Baby Bunny's Room ~ need to sweep up a few dust bunnies and then hang her new Pottery Barn Curtains that I found in my linen closet. They're really adorable ~ pictures to follow in a few days.

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