Monday, December 8, 2008

Candlelight Dinner Party ~

We went to a Candlelight Dinner Party last night and had a Fabulous time. It didn't look EXACTLY like the picture above ~ but pretty close. I took a Casserole Entre to share ~ but had never made it before. I don't recommend bringing something that you've never made to a Dinner Party ~ try it out on your Family first. I had a slight panic attack on the way there when I realized that I had no idea if my "dish" was even eatable. It didn't look exactly like the picture in the Recipe Book ~ but does it ever? So, since several ladies asked me for the Recipe and I brought home an empty dish ~ guess it turned out okay.

I LOVE this Painting (shown above) ~ we have the print in a Gold Ornate frame in our Dining Room. It's one of those paintings that every time I look at it ~ I see a detail that I've never noticed before. OR a person in a different place ~ OR items moved around on the Table, etc. Of course, there are rumors that our House is haunted ~ so it could be that the People are actually moving around in the Painting during the Night. *wink* Maybe sometime I should Blog about all of the "unusal things" that have happened to us while living here.

Last month ~ I was struggling with my Blog ~ trying to think of interesting things that I could post on here. Now, this Month ~ I'm so busy and have so much to Blog about ~ but not enough time to post it.

Here are a few topics that will be on my Blog this coming week ~

~ Lauren's Magic Show Birthday Party.... I have found so many adorable items for this theme and will share all the website links. It took me hours and hours to plan and find all the Magic Show items and I'll post them all here for you.

~ My Birthday and the 2 Surprise Gifts that I received from my Blogging Friends.

~ Some really adorable little purses that I found on Etsy

~ New Bunny Bling for Bunny Chic Boutique that needs to be listed on the website.

~ Whiskers our Cat is wearing "dog clothes" ~ per Doctor's Orders.... So hiliarious (poor kitty)

~ The Lights on our Christmas Tree test our marriage the first weekend of December every Year. Yes, we've survived yet another "Tree Lighting" and our Christmas Tree looks Gorgeous.

~ We changed High Schools for Princess Bunny right in the middle of the 1st semester ~ actually right in the middle of the week. Tons of Drama and lots of tears (mine).

~ AND I'm developing an innovative new product that I'll be offering on my Blog and my website. There are so many little details yet to be finalized ~ but I know that it will be an extremely popular product. The prototype/design is almost finished and the Launch date will be announced soon. I wanted to have everything ready before Christmas ~ but there are only so many hours in a day.

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