Monday, May 5, 2008

For the Love of .......Basketball

Lauren wanted to try out for the local Girls 12U Basketball Team ~ even though she had never played before. We were thrilled that she "made" the Team ~ actually if you showed up for the Tryouts ~ you "made" the Team.

She's one of the youngest on the Team with absolutely no experience and so she had to learn very quickly. The 2 hour practices were very intense ~ but she loved every minute of it. Lauren had fallen in love with this exciting game called Basketball.

The photo above shows Lauren "shooting" and then praying that the Ball goes through the Hoop.

So, last weekend at one of her Tournaments ~ she broke her arm. After she fell and landed on her arm ~ she jumped up and ran back into place ~ holding her arm. Lauren's so tough that she was going to continue playing with a broken arm. It's official ~ she doesn't take after me. The Ref blew his whistle and wouldn't let her play with that severe of an injury. I knew her arm was bothering her ~ but I had no idea at the time that it was broken. She never even cried ~ well until we got in the car ~ then she made up for it.

It took me FOREVER to get her to the Emergency Room ~ 45 minutes ~ which was 45 minutes too long. The rumor that I considered stopping for Dinner on the way to the ER is true. However, I didn't want to stop for a "sit down" 4 course meal ~ just a quick Burger. That's all I wanted was a little Burger from a Drive-thru and I was willing to eat it in the Car while driving. No, of course I didn't stop ~ even though I knew we would be waiting for hours in the ER.

Fortunately, Park was at the Beach "chaperoning" Alexandra's 16th Birthday Party ~ a mere 5 minutes from the Hospital. Thankfully ~ he brought us some food and we had a little Picnic in the ER. Now, keep in mind that I'm a germaphob ~ but I quickly got over it and eating our delicious meal helped pass the time.

They lost their Tournament ~ but they continue to improve. Hopefully, they will win at least one of their Games at the AAU Tournament in Gainesville this weekend. Lauren is going to attend ~ even though she can't play.

I didn't realize that it would raise "red flags" when you take a Minor into the ER with two fractures in less than two months. Lauren's broken finger had just healed from an earlier Basketball injury. Fortunately ~ there was a whole Gymnasium full of witnesses that could testify to how she broke her arm. Actually, they were really nice about it in the ER ~ I'm just glad that she was still wearing her Basketball Uniform and didn't change her clothes before we went. It added a lot of credibility to our "Story".

This is a picture of her Team warming up before the Tournament.

I thought that maybe after two fractures due to Basketball that she might want to quit playing. However, she still wants to be on the Team and she's been attending Practice even though she can't participate. We've signed her up for a Basketball Camp this Summer ~ which will start the week after she (hopefully) gets her Cast off. She really loves this fast paced Game called Basketball.

This photo (above) is further documentation that I'm the World's Worst Photographer. Maybe it would help if I actually read the thick "Novel" that came with my Camera ~ entitled "Instructions". Lauren looks like some type of Alien with those "piercing" eyes ~ doesn't she? Maybe it's the Carrots I've been buying ~ guess we should switch to Organic Carrots.

Lauren was such a lucky little Bunny that her Orthopedic Doctor recommended a Gore-Tex lined Cast. She wanted a red cast to match her Team Colors ~ but since red wasn't an option she picked the Blue.

We're so thrilled with her waterproof cast ~ this Gore-Tex Liner is a Fabulous invention. She can go swimming, take a shower and wash her hands without worrying about keeping her cast dry. This revolutionary new Cast Liner is much more comfortable than the old fashioned cotton lined "models". Here's the info from the Gore Procel website:

When a fiberglass cast padded with GORE PROCEL® Cast Liner gets wet, most of the water drains quickly out of the ends of your cast. The remaining moisture is warmed by body heat, becomes vapor and passes through the Cast Liner and fiberglass casting tape. No special drying is necessary.

So, it's now been a week since her accident and she's doing great!! Thanks to her Gore-Tex Procel Cast Liner ~ she's still able to go swimming, take a shower and wash both of her hands. It is a little more expensive than the normal cast liner ~ but well worth it.

Lauren is wearing an outfit from the J. C. Penney "American Living" Collection. It reminds me of the Ralph Lauren brand of clothing. It's just as trendy as the Polo line ~ but not nearly as expensive.

I Love this new "American Living" line and it's even on sale right now. They have so many cute styles to choose from and your local Store might even "carry" it ~ so that you don't have to pay shipping. Hop over here to see the whole line of "American Living" Products!!

Lauren's Coach sent the Team the following quote. I thought it was a perfect quote for this Team of Young Ladies ~

Thoughts determine Destiny

Watch your thoughts, they become words;
Watch your words, they become actions;
Watch your actions, they become habits;
Watch your habits, they define character;
Watch your character, it determines your “destiny”

- Author Unknown


Sandy said...

Hi Jayne,
Thanks so much for sharing the basketball stories with me in our emails back and forth! My middle son is going to try out for middle school ball this coming year and really wants to try his hand at football now too - yikes! Visions of casts. Your daughters cast is too cute and I'm sure she's enjoyed having everyone sign it.
I got my other project up and running - come on over and check it out!
Have a wonderful day.
Sandy :)

Jen Glover said...

Jayne, your family is in my prayers! What an ordeal! Your daughter is such a trooper! Hugs cutie!

PamperingBeki said...

Oh no!! Poor thing!

She is way tougher than I am. I would've bawled.

Your pictures cracked me up. haha!! I am a terrible photographer too and just have no patience to actually learn how to use my camera.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Hi Jayne!
What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. I can tell you love and are so proud of her! What a little trooper! Hugs and Prayers, Katie

Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

I'm so glad Lauren is doing so well - and how wonderful she can get her cast wet and keep up with life better! BTW, she is a beautiful young lady Jayne - you must be a proud mom!!!

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

What trooper she is and she must have a high pain tolerance! I'm glad everything is okay now and I am praying for a speedy recovery! I hope she isn't right handed :-(

Have a fabulous weekend!

Tara said...

I know this was a while ago, but I am determined to hear from someone if the GoreProcel cast liner actually worked! My HMO won't put it on, but I'll find a doctor who will if I can really go swimming in it and not end up with a bacteria infested cast.

Please please please, I am DESPERATE to know!!!


Bunny Chic Boutique said...

Hi Tara ~

I tried to contact you about the Waterproof cast ~ but your Blog is set for Private and it didn't list your email address.

Anyway, if you happen to check back on my Blog ~ YES the waterproof cast is Fabulous!!! My Daughter went swimming in the pool and took showers ~ it held up beautifully. We had to pay a little extra for it ~ but it was so worth the few extra $$. Our Insurance wouldn't cover the actual cast ~ but did pay for the x-rays and doctor bills.

Anyway, you can contact me directly if you have any questions ~ but I think you would love the waterproof cast. My email address is

Thanks for visiting ~

Bunny Hugs ~